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Since 2001, Crux Fitness has vowed to: “inspire and motivate others to improve their quality of life.” This has not changed ever since Crux Fitness was established at the turn of the century. We’ve had hundreds of clients come through our doors and become fitter, happier and experience permanent weight loss in Richmond and Cloverdale. Crux Fitness is dedicated to helping people from all over the greater Richmond and Cloverdale area make health and fitness a priority to enjoy successful fat and weight loss results! Time is the most valuable asset we could ever own. What better way to get more of it than by staying fit and healthy?

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A complete lifestyle transformation system

A complete system to 100% guarantee results


+ The Best Fitness Community in Town

Stay motivated and focused


= Results

Living the Fit Lifestyle and maintain your results for life


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Elite Personal Training

If you’ve tried training at other studios and gyms, visited all the boot camp studios out there and haven’t gotten the results you wanted, look no further! We have the solution for your needs and want to share our love of fitness with you! Crux Fitness in Richmond and Cloverdale wants to be a part of your journey in reaching your fitness potential.

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Premium Semi Private Training

Have you scoured the Lower Mainland and Richmond in hopes of finding a program that can make your workout enjoyable while achieving successful weight loss results? Crux Fitness is ready to take you on!

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Group Training

Want to burn calories, gain muscle tone and lose weight while making new friends? Spent enough time bouncing from one gym or studio to the next, only to face disappointment and watch the weight creep back up?

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7 Day free gym pass? 12 Week Bootcamps? 28 Day Fitness challenges? Fad diets? Juice cleanse? Detox?

Why keep going through the same cycle of futility? Don't keep on trying to solve the same problems year after year. At Crux Fitness, you will receive a complete system that will change your lifestyle giving you sustainable results. You will have monthly follow ups to keep you motivated and focused. You will be a part of the best fitness community in town, achieve amazing results, AND keep the results for life.

Crux Fitness Targeted Workouts

Targeted Workouts

Fun, varied workouts, all targeted to help you lose weight and tone your body!

Crux Fitness Customized Programs

Customized Programs

Whether you're just beginning your weight loss journey, or you're looking for advanced techniques to tone and sculpt your body, we have programs for you!

Crux Fitness Simple Nutrition

Simple Nutrition

You can’t out run your fork. That’s why we will help you change your lifestyle and eating habit for sustainable results!

Crux Fitness Follow Up

Follow Up

We won’t leave you hanging. Throughout this journey EVER. We will have 1-to-1 nutrition coaching sessions and ongoing assessments to ensure you are on track to that dream body!

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