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Jacquelyn Son

Jacquelyn would have never guessed that she would end up with a career in health and fitness. Growing up, she was the non-athletic skinny girl who was always last to be picked for a sports team. It wasn’t until mid-university when she discovered her passion for fitness.

The stress eating was finally catching up to her when she saw that she gained some pounds. It was at that moment when something inside of her shifted and she knew she couldn’t go on that way. If she didn’t change her lifestyle, it would be going down a destructive path. Going through her own transformation gave her a strong desire to help others to do the same. After finishing her Bcom in marketing, she quickly went on to complete her ACE personal training certification one month later. She also went on to complete a health coach certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Having gone through cycles of restrictive dieting and then binging, Jacquelyn can relate to anyone going through similar struggles. She believes that a healthy body first begins with a healthy mind. Now, she seeks to share her experience and empower individuals to break free from body image problems. Helping people discover their inner drive and leading them to become the healthiest version of themselves is the best part of her role.

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