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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - 5 Ways To Optimize Your Workout

    5 Ways To Optimize Your Workout

    If you are going to workout, you might as well make it count! Here are 5 ways to make the most out of your workout session.
    1) Be Intentional
    You set aside time in your day to workout, so focus on the exercises instead of thinking about other things like what you need to do later, groceries, work, etc. Think about engaging the muscle groups you want to work to create that mind-body connection. If you just go through the motions without really thinking about how you are moving, you may not get the most benefit from your workout.
    2) Pre-Workout Nutrition
    Make sure you fuel your body properly before your workout. Working out on an empty stomach may make you feel tired too early into your ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - 5 Ways To Beat Sugar Cravings

    5 Ways To Beat Sugar Cravings

    If you're someone with a sweet tooth, you are definitely not alone. However, it is possible to manage your sugar cravings by developing some healthy habits. Here are 5 tips:
    1) Have a Source of Healthy Fat and Protein at Every Meal
    Healthy fats and protein take longer to digest and can keep you satiated for longer. Having a sufficient amount of these nutrients can decrease sugar cravings.
    2) Bulk Up Your Meals with Fiber and Non-Starchy Vegetables
    Fiber is great for helping you feel full so add some fiber-rich foods to your meals like leafy greens, chia and flax seeds and legumes.
    3) Find Ways To Manage Stress
    When your cortisol levels are increased, this can lead to stress eating and ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - 5 Benefits Of Fermented Foods

    5 Benefits Of Fermented Foods

    Having a healthy gut can improve your immune system, help you absorb nutrients optimally and contribute to your overall wellbeing. Eating more fermented foods can aid in a better digestion. So first of all, what are fermented foods? Fermented foods go through a preservation process where natural bacteria feed on the sugar and starch in the food. This creates enzymes and probiotics in the food. Here are 5 reasons to add fermented foods into your diet.
    1) Fermented Foods Help Increase Good Bacteria And Probiotics
    Having enough good bacteria in your gut is important for fighting off bad bacteria and prevents diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.
    2) ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - 5 Benefits Of Magnesium

    5 Benefits Of Magnesium

    Magnesium is an essential mineral that our body requires to function optimally. Having a magnesium deficiency can lead to many negative issues such as anxiety, sleep problems, poor digestion, heightened PMS symptoms and muscle spasms. Magnesium is also very important for heart health. Thus, it is vital to make sure you are obtaining enough magnesium.
    5 Benefits of Magnesium

    1) Improving Sleep
    Magnesium can aid in muscle relaxation and calming nerves. It also helps the body create serotonin (the ‘happy’ hormone), thus leading to a better night’s sleep.
    2) Relieving Constipation
    Magnesium helps to relax the muscles in the intestinal tract and attracts water to the colon. The ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - 16 Tips For Getting Rid Of Bloat!

    16 Tips For Getting Rid Of Bloat!

    Bloating can get the best of us and it can be frustrating to deal with. There can be two types of bloat – water retention bloat and/or bloat from digestive issues. Here are some tips to help you beat the bloat!
    1) Drink lemon cucumber water first thing in the morning
    Lemon and cucumber are alkalizing and can help with digestion. Having a large glass first thing after you wake up can help detox your body, give you energy for the day and prevent bloating.
    2) Apple cider vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar contains probiotics, enzymes and acetic acid, which can help kill off ‘bad’ bacteria. Having a shot of apple cider vinegar can aid digestion and boost your immune system.
    3) ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - 7 Things NOT To Do When Trying To Lose Weight

    7 Things NOT To Do When Trying To Lose Weight

    If you're someone who wants to lose weight, it's important to go about it in the proper way so that it's sustainable. Make sure not to make these 7 common mistakes!
    1) Cutting Calories Too Low
    Cutting your calories too low for prolonged periods of time can damage your metabolism and make it more challenging to lose weight. It is essential to eat enough nutrients to ensure that all the systems in your body function properly. Therefore, instead of focusing on restricting calories, focus on getting enough of your macronutrients (carbs, protein, fats), choosing whole food sources for the majority of the time and staying active.
    2) Cutting Out Whole Food Groups/Macronutrients
    Fad diets ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - What To Eat Before A Workout

    What To Eat Before A Workout

    It is important to fuel your body properly pre-workout to ensure that you perform optimally and make most out of your workout! There are a couple things to keep in mind when choosing your pre-workout foods. 1) The digestive times of different foods 2) The intensity and length of your planned workout Different macronutrients digest at different rates. Carbohydrates digest the quickest; protein takes longer than carbs to digest and fats take the longest to digest. Therefore, if you’re eating a smaller meal with mostly carbs and protein, it may require about 1-2 hours to digest; whereas, a larger meal with more protein and fats may take longer, around 3-4 hours to ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - 4 Benefits Of Hip Hinging

    4 Benefits Of Hip Hinging

    Basic daily human movements, such as picking up an object from the ground, require a complex pattern of muscle activation and relaxation. But over the years of science, research and just performing the movement, we have put together a pattern that is safe to perform – the hip-hinge. However, there are plenty of benefits through deliberately training this movement.
    1.) Shoulder-packing for better posture.

    Performing a proper hip-hinge requires the humerus (upper arm) to be stable and solid in place inside the shoulder joint. This movement requires the small muscles and upper back to perform their specialized function, pulling the shoulders back and creating a better posture.
    2.) ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - What Are BCAAs? The Benefits and When To Take Them

    What Are BCAAs? The Benefits and When To Take Them

    Supplements aren't mandatory for fitness, but they can be there to give you that extra boost if you choose to take them. BCAAs are an option that can help enhance your training performance. In this article, we will go over what BCAAs are, the benefits and when to take them.
    What are BCAAs?

    BCAAs stands for "Branched Chain Amino Acids" and includes the essential amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine. These are essential because the body cannot produce them by itself, so they must be ingested from outside sources like foods or supplements. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and protein contains the building blocks of the human body. Protein is a macronutrient essential for ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - 4 Common Myths About Weight Lifting

    4 Common Myths About Weight Lifting

    If you are not familiar with weightlifting, you may have heard some things that have turned you away. But don't disregard this form of training so soon, as you could be missing out on the many benefits! Read more to find outthe truth about lifting weights.
    Myth #1: Weight Lifting Will Make Women Look Bulky
    It is physically impossible for women to get bulky and big, because they do not have the hormonal capacity to put on significant muscle mass like men (unless they are taking steroids). Having a balanced weight training program paired with cardio and proper nutrition will help women obtain a lean and toned body.
    Myth #2: Weight Lifting Is Bad For Your Joints
    Weight training, when done ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - 4 Simple Ways To Destress

    4 Simple Ways To Destress

    Life can get hectic and overwhelming. Our jobs maygetdemanding, our family mayrequire our attention, and on top of that, we still gotta clean the house, do the laundry, make dinner and we may feel way in over our heads as we are scrambling around just to get everything done. If youwant to get your stress under control, try out these 4 simple ways to destress.
    1) Start Off Your Morning On A Relaxed Note
    How you start your morning is very important as it can determine the mood for the rest of the day. Create a morning routine that is almost second nature, so that you don't fatigue your mind with making many decisions early in the day. To make your mornings simple, get a head start the night ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - 5 Reasons Why You're Feeling Tired All The Time

    5 Reasons Why You're Feeling Tired All The Time

    Do you feel like you're tired all the time and cannot increase your energy no matter what you do? Here are 5 possible reasons why you are fatigued.
    1. Not Enough Iron
    Iron is an important nutrient that helps your body produce hemoglobin, the molecule in your blood that transports oxygen to your muscles and cells. Without enough iron, you can be more easily fatigued. Eating iron-rich foods combined with vitamin C rich foods together will help increase iron absorption. Whole foods sources that are high in iron include leafy greens, legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans, etc.) and nuts and seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, etc.). Foods that are high in vitamin C include ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - Counting Calories for Weight Loss Doesn't Help You Here Is What To Do Instead

    Counting Calories for Weight Loss Doesn't Help You Here Is What To Do Instead

    In our previous blog, we have established the scientific reasoning behind why counting calories is as imprecise as they come. Here is the article in case you missed it. Here at Crux Fitness we have always been about providing as much value as possible and help as many people as possible. So here is a WAY better way for sustainable weight loss and fat loss. Following this guide coupled with a sensible exercise program will do wonders for your fitness and health, on top of losing weight and losing fat! So what is it? This is the Hand Measure system which is super convenient and much much easier than counting calories. It is nearly as accurate, again, due to the big margin of ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - Counting Calories For Fat Loss Sounds Logical Except It is ALL WRONG

    Counting Calories For Fat Loss Sounds Logical Except It is ALL WRONG

    As Richmond's most sought after fat loss expert, one of things that we hear constantly is the good old "Calorie in and Calorie Out" argument. While it might sound very logical, if it were that straight forward, then their wouldn't be this many people having trouble with fat loss and the reason for us as Richmond's best personal trainer would not exist. The decade old belief that you can lose fat simply by counting your calories to limit intake, and then exercise more to burn more calories, just doesn't work. What about sleep? What about stress? What about hormones? What about a lot of other factors? For starters, in order for calorie counting to work, you first ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - How to Create a Simple Fitness and Nutrition Plan That Actually Works

    How to Create a Simple Fitness and Nutrition Plan That Actually Works

    We get asked fitness and nutrition related questions a lot. After all, we are known as the weight loss and fat loss experts in Richmond and in Cloverdale. When most people ask us these questions, they are expecting a “magic pill” answer. An exercise routine or a super secret diet that will finally solve all of their weight problems once and for all. The thing about weight loss and fat loss is that most people focus on the fitness training AND the diet way too much. When it is actually our everyday simple habits that trips us up. Don’t believe me? If I give you the perfect exercise and nutrition formula that is guaranteed to help you lose ....

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  • Could Meal Planning Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?

    Meal planning can be a very effective tool if you are ready for it and know how to change it up from time to time. Otherwise, it becomes a nightmare due to two reasons: 1. You just CAN'T follow the plan! You are too busy, your kid got sick, you got sick, your dog is pissed off at get the picture. 2. You follow it too well! You are a perfectionist and measures out everything down to the last gram, eating right on time, never eating out. But then at some point you feel like all that sacrifice is not worth it. Some how all the fun in life has been sucked dry. You stop the meal plan, concluding that eating healthy is just not worth it. It is very ....

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  • Crux Fitness Social Media Contest July 2016

    We really want to thank all of our clients for always talking about us on Social Media. Now you can win some awesome prizes by just keep on doing what you have always been doing :) Here are the official rules of our Social Media Contest. Duration: July 26th - July 31st
    Winner determined on Aug 1st
    Keeping it simple and on Facebook ONLY
    The rules are simple: You get 1 point for mentioning @Crux Fitness in a post on Facebook, or simply by checking-in at Crux Fitness

    You get 2 points for mentioning @Crux Fitness in a post on Facebook with a photo or a video of you exercising

    You get 3 points for mentioning @Crux Fitness in a post on Facebook with a photo ....

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  • This One Exercise Will Get You Fat Loss Results

    Now that I have your attention. Any form of exercise will get you fat loss results in conjunction with a sensible nutrition plan.

    The biggest issues with most people is that we love the process of thinking about it, talking about it, and researching about it.

    We spend the time looking online for the perfect workout gear. The fancy looking heartrate monitor. The latest fad cleanse, etc…

    Nobody is immune to that. Learning and researching makes us feel good, makes us feel like we are doing something important.

    Bruce Lee once said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks one time, but the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.” ....

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  • Late Night Food Craving Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Efforts? Here is What to Do

    The eternal struggle. One one hand you are trying your best to follow your nutrition plan or your diet so that you can finally achieve that weight loss goal you have set for yourself five years ago.

    On the other hand, you are getting these intense late night cravings for all the food that you know can derail and sabotage your hard work.

    What is one to do? First thing that comes to mind is, “You gotta hang in there man, tough it out! The craving will pass!”

    Please! Sometimes these craving lasts for DAYS and you WILL GIVE IN. Relying on willpower is a battle that you are destined to lose since it only comes in finite amounts. It is just a matter of time.

    What ....

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  • Healthy Meal That You Can Cook With One Hand

    You are trying to cook dinner, but little Johnny is having another one of his fits leaving you with no choice but to abandon your plan and order a pizza instead.
    To make that a thing of the past, get in the game and grab yourself a slow cooker.
    Look at how easy it is to cook up a great and healthy meal for the whole family. All done with just one hand! (had to hold the camera with the other lol)
    A video posted by Crux Fitness (@cruxfit) on May 19, 2016 at 2:30pm PDT


    2 lbs chicken, turkey, or pork tenderloin (your choice) Pinch of kosher salt Pinch of pepper ½ Cup of Balsamic Vinegar 2 tbsp of Agave Nectar or Honey 2 tbsp of Dijon ....

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  • How to Combat the Lame Hotel Gym Syndrome

    Have you ever been on the road, wanting to keep up with your fitness routine only to find a less than adequately equipped hotel gym with barely enough space to fit a hobbit?

    Here are a few strategies that will help you get a good workout in no matter where you go.

    Do treadmill sprints:
    Almost all hotel gyms will have a treadmill no matter how small they are. It is also a great time saver for you to get in a quick sprint workout that will wipe you out. Here is how:

    Have a hotel room routine ready:
    If the hotel doesn’t have a gym, have a bodyweight routine that will hit the major muscle of the body AND doesn’t annoy the other hotel guests. Here is a good one. ....

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  • You can Choose to Suck or Choose to Take Control

    We get a lot of emails from people asking for help. Here is a familiar story: “Hi Min-Ju, I used to train in Muay Thai. I was in excellent shape. 9 years ago I was the proud father of a baby girl. I stopped to help out with raising her and to help out momma. I've since been blessed with another baby girl, and I haven't done much exercise since. 40 lbs later, I don't like the shape of my body. I've been wanting to do some form of training again. But just because I live in Richmond doesn't mean I have the time to do any training. I have to take my girls to soccer practice, skating lessons, swimming. We are always just rushing out the door to get to the next lesson. Once I have ....

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  • How Four Phone Calls Helped Her Lose 30 Pounds

    Why is it so hard to kick a bad habit? The reason is because the long term negative effects of that habit doesn’t become visible until months, or even years of accumulation. If your face withers up immediately after just one smoke, then I am sure you would drop that cigarette right away. If your belly instantly becomes twice as round after having one donut, then making the choice to cut out sweets would be a no brainer. The point is, because the effects are not immediately felt, we keep on smoking that cigarette, having that donut, until one day you look in the mirror in shock not knowing what hit you. The same can be said when it comes to creating good habits. Because ....

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  • Why You Need Carbs for Long Term Weight Loss and Fat Loss Success

    Here at Crux Fitness, we help clients from complete beginners to well seasoned pro-athletes. Even though the fitness levels can be vastly different, one thing always stayed the same. They are all confused as hell when it comes to nutrition! First of all, everyone is confused about if they need to drink protein shakes or not. The other question that we often get asked is if they should cut out carbs completely to lose fat and lose weight. The low-carb approach that has been so ingrained into our collective social psyche is almost always the first strategy that comes to mind. But does it work? Of course it does. The problem is not that it doesn’t work, it is that it ....

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  • When Should I Drink a Protein Shake, is that a bad question?

    As a fitness professional who helps people get into the body they want, and the health they deserve so they can live life the way they want to, we often get asked a lot of questions. One of the questions that comes up over and over would be, “Do I need to drink protein shakes to get in shape?” While it is not a bad question, it is a bad “first” question. Nobody really should be worried about if you need to drink a protein shake or not until you are able to focus on:
    Eliminate nutrient deficiency

    Eat the right portions for your goal

    Eat at the right times based on your lifestyle and schedule

    Once they can focus on these 3 things, then we can discuss how we ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - There is no shame in asking for fitness help

    There is no shame in asking for fitness help

    I played a lot of basketball growing up. In my teens, my life revolved around 3 things: School, video games, and basketball. For my school work, I wasn’t the brightest nor studied the hardest. I did enough to get by. For video games, it was all about having fun. But when it came to basketball, it was about bragging rights and earning the respect of my peers. At that age, nothing seemed more important than that. I so wanted make the varsity basketball team that I spent hours honing my skills, playing pickup games, and trained like crazy. But for the first 2 years of high school, I just wasn’t good enough to make the team. In hindsight, I didn’t spend enough time ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - Eat Real Food Get Real Weight Loss Results

    Eat Real Food Get Real Weight Loss Results

    I grew up in a quaint village of Taiwan called Dragon Well(I know, it doesn't get any more mystical than that). Back in the 1980’s, McDonalds was just making it’s way into the country. I still remember what a big deal it was when my mom took me on a 3 hour trip to the capital city of Taipei just so that we can experience this new American style food for the first time. Needless to say, our regular food included eggs from hen’s raised in our very own chicken coop, and also chicken or duck meat killed fresh in our very own backyard. Fruits such as mango and lychee were ripe for the picking on trees all around the farm. I can still remember how great all the food tasted and how ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - Game Over Start Over and Get Results Now

    Game Over Start Over and Get Results Now

    We all need to ride the "Motivational Wave". The surge of high action energy that courses through you when particular times of the year comes around. Such as New Years, summer beach body, your upcoming reunion etc... As much as we love to make fun of the influx of the “New Year, New Me” crowd at your local gym every January (you know, the ones that disappears within 3 weeks), I have found these type of seasonal urges to be a great tool. You see, I have been on both ends of the extreme. I used to LOVE making new year resolutions, it gave me a sense of rebirth and excitement that is required to take massive action towards bettering my life. Until that excitement wears off and ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - Don't Wait Until New Year Comes Around and Lose Weight NOW

    Don't Wait Until New Year Comes Around and Lose Weight NOW

    I was at my daughter’s Preschool Christmas party a while back (they had bailey, even though I didn’t drink any of it) and it was surprisingly a good time! They had a lady performer dressed up as an elf singing and dancing and telling jokes to the kids. This must be the most rewarding job in the world as you can only get nothing but adoration and laughter from the kids. Inevitably one of the other parent, let’s call him Jason, started asking what I do for a living, and I told him that I am in the personal training business. Jason’s face lit up and said, “Personal training? That is great! I have been thinking about losing some weight and getting back in shape for a while. In ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - How a Personal Trainer is Saving Your Life

    How a Personal Trainer is Saving Your Life

    This is why I do what I do. I worked as a basic level paramedic for about 2 years back in the days. I don’t like to talk about that period of my career too much because what I had experienced during that time doesn’t make for good dinner table topic. But since I founded Crux Fitness and started helping hundreds of men and women lose fat, build muscle, and gain confidence, I realized the deep impact that my short stint as a paramedic had on my career trajectory. One of the requirements of completing my education as a paramedic was to shadow the Emergency Room for a few days. I can still remember the weird excitement that I felt on that day. It was a almost like going to a car race ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - Too Much Fitness Motivation and Positivity Will Stop You From Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

    Too Much Fitness Motivation and Positivity Will Stop You From Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

    It is almost the end of the year again! This is typically the season of love. Rainbows and colorful confettis in the air, ponies and puppies around every corner. The world is wonderful in these holiday seasons. Why does it take a specific holiday for most of us to remember how important it is to show love, appreciation and gratitude to people around us? I think we have all been conditioned to show special gestures of appreciation ONLY on certain special days. I am not saying it is such a bad thing. It sure beats never showing any appreciation at all. But is it the best to cultivate and elevate your relationship with people all around you? Probably not. We are also ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - The Numbers that You Need to Know to Lose Weight

    The Numbers that You Need to Know to Lose Weight

    Just want to briefly mention how important it is to KNOW YOUR NUMBERS! Growing up my parents never really bothered showing me how to be financially responsible. As a result, in my early adulthood, I STRUGGLED to balance out my budget, and never quite got how to keep track of my spending and savings. Guess what, I was in DEBT because of that. I would go WEEKS without even daring to look at my bank account because I knew if I did, there won't be any money in there. I just didn't know how to deal with the stress and how to make sense of it all. Does that sound familiar?
    Yes, your weight and fitness is the same way! Know you numbers at all times. And I don't mean weight! Looking at ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - The Most Deadly Mistake to Avoid When Starting a Fitness Routine for the First Time

    The Most Deadly Mistake to Avoid When Starting a Fitness Routine for the First Time

    You want to have a killer body, right? The type of body that gives you the strength and energy to enjoy life to the fullest, to always be there for your family instead of being a burden. The type that makes all of your friends say, “Damn, how did you get a body like that?” Everyone wants a body like that, but most people hit the gym once or twice and then call it quits. Why is that? Today I am gonna discuss THE most deadly mistake that most new gym goer make when starting a fitness routine and how you can avoid it. The Most Deadly Mistake - JUST DO IT!
    All the motivational quotes and instagram famous fit gurus will all tell you to “just do it!” don’t wait to get started! While ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

    Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

    Remember what it was like when you first decided that you needed to lose weight? Just by eating less sugar and adding a couple power walk sessions to your week, the number on the scale magically drops! You even feel more energized and stronger to boot! Too bad things don’t don’t remain that easy for long. Pretty soon, the weight loss stops. The simple strategies that you have implemented in the beginning to get you weight loss results all of a sudden is not enough to take you to the next level. Especially with all the other stuff that is happening in your life competing for your time and attention, it becomes a grind. A lot of people simply give up at this point and tell themselves ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - Stop Wasting Your Time and Choose Fitness

    Stop Wasting Your Time and Choose Fitness

    “People wait all week for Friday, All year for summer, and All life for happiness.” It was a tough pill to swallow. The moment I realized that I had become what I loathed the most: a fitness coach that is out of shape. A fraud. I knew I can get back in shape. I knew how to do it. But here's the rub...I wasn’t doing it. I had fallen into a pattern all too familiar to most of my clients: Eat too much over Friday night and Saturday brunch, feel guilty and gross. Sunday night comes and I read some motivational quotes, and I "get motivated." I'm good with whatever my plan is for Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday, I'm tired and frustrated with work/life/blah blah blah. By ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - Live in the Present and Transform your body NOW

    Live in the Present and Transform your body NOW

    I was having a drink (yes, even personal trainers enjoy a beer every now and then, at least I do!) with a friend a few weeks ago while watching the UFC at a bar. As one of the fighters made his way towards the octagon, my friend commented, "Man, it must be nice to be such a bad ass fighter! My mom forced me to learn the frigging piano when what I really wanted was to learn Taekwando!" "Dude" I responded, "You are not 5 years old anymore, instead of hating on your mom, go and sign up at a martial arts school. My good friend Nabil has an awesome school pretty close to where you are!" I think you know how this conversation ended. He proceeded to tell me that he is too busy now with his new ....

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  • Personal Training in Richmond and Surrey - Crux Fitness - Master Your Superpower for Healthy Eating

    Master Your Superpower for Healthy Eating

    Nutrition is a life long relationship with food. If your goal is to look good and feel good, AND keep looking good for life, then you have to master this one tip that I am sharing with you today. Throughout my career, I have often heard excuses of why you CAN’T eat a certain way. It is always something like, “but I CAN’t live without eating white rice every meal!” or “I want to enjoy life. Eating whatever I want IS THE ONLY WAY TO DO IT!” Now I am not opposed to enjoying life to the fullest, and I am certainly not against eating white rice. However, those excuses sound something like what my 2 year old daughter would say when I try to get her to eat her veggies. A big “NO” accompanied ....

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  • Crux Fitness Runs for a Great Cause

    Crux Fitness is not only about rebuilding a better you, but also rebuilding a better community. We are always looking for fun, active ways to support our community such as our our Push-ups-athon with Covenant house over the years. Now we are going to support Habitat for Humanity in the BMO Run4Hope on May 4, 2014. Crux Fitness will be a Charity Runner this year, raising awareness and funds for THE ASH PROJECT. THE ASH PROJECT is the construction of six single family homes on Ash Street in Richmond, BC. These homes will house 12 families with children and additional rental tenants. The anticipated construction start for this project is summer 2014. The plan is to have families selected ....

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  • The Best Fitness Motivation Tip

    This is a post from Dr. Berardi of When it comes time to do something — like go to the gym or choose a healthy meal — people often ask themselves, quietly: Should I go to the gym today? Should I eat protein and veggies now? And they think that when you’re ‘motivated’, the answers are: Should I go to the gym today? HELL YEAH! Nothing else I’d rather do! Should I eat protein and veggies now? CAN’T WAIT! Bring on the healthy food! They think motivation is a resounding positive ‘YES’ to the question of whether they should do something good for them, necessary, etc. Of course, this leads to the parallel notion that if there ISN’T a resoundingly positive yes, ....

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  • Renew Your Mind

    September has arrived! Some of you may be heading back to school, your kids may be starting a new semester (or not…due to the BC Teacher strike) or you might just be continuing on at your daily job. BUT it’s a new season and it’s THE BEST TIME to start working on your health. You don’t need to wait until Jan to start setting resolutions, take action now. There will always be reasons why you should wait to start a fitness program, if you don’t take action, you will just keeping on waiting forever. I remember I also first decided to begin my fitness journey during the fall/winter season a few years ago. School was stressful and walking around the freezing campus just wasn’t fun. I dragged ....

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  • Know Who You Are - 5 Easy Ways to Stay on Track

    You know when you have one of those days where you just don’t feel motivated to do anything? You may have started a new fitness program and was super excited in the beginning, but now you’re getting tired of it and want to give up. Even as a trainer, there are some days where my bed feels extra comfortable in the morning and I really want to hit that snooze button and skip my morning workout or I just want to be able to eat whatever I want without thinking about my health. But over the years, I’ve learned that if we only worked on the days when we felt like it, nothing would get done and we would never reach our goals. I want to share some strategies that help me keep moving forward. ....

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